List of brutalist apartment blocks in Sheffield

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (March 2011) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Four complexes are visible in this view. Green, foreground: Callow Mount complex Grey, far left: Lansdowne complex Blue-and-white, centre-left: Netherthorpe complex Brown-and-white, centre-right: Upperthorpe complex A fifth complex, the Herdings complex (where this photo is taken from) is just to the right, out of view. (Click image for larger version, where the complexes are visible more clearly). The 1950s and 1960s saw the construction of a large number of brutalist apartment blocks in Sheffield, England. Sheffield City Council had been clearing inner-city residential slums since the early 1900s.[1] Prior to the 1950s these slums were replaced with low-rise council housing, mostly constructed in new estates on the edge of the city.[1] By the mid-1950s the establishment of a green belt had led to a shortage of available land on the edges of the city, whilst the government increased subsidies for the construction of high-rise apartment towers on former slum land, so the council began to construct high-rise inner city estates, adopting modernist designs and industrialised construction techniques,[1] culminating in the construction of the Park Hill estate.[2] Contents 1 Herdings Twin Towers complex 1.1 Queen Elizabeth Court 1.2 Queen Anne Court 1.3 200-294 Raeburn Place (demolished) 2 Upperthorpe complex 2.1 Wentworth House 2.2 Adelphi House 2.3 Martin House 2.4 Burlington House 2.5 Bond House 2.6 Albion House 2.7 Oxford House 3 Park Hill 4 Netherthorpe complex 4.1 Adamfield House 4.2 Cornhill House 4.3 Robertshaw House 4.4 Crawshaw House 5 Callow Mount complex 5.1 Callow House 5.2 Bankwood House 5.3 Handbank House 5.4 Pemberton House 5.5 Parkfield House 5.6 Newfield House 6 Lansdowne complex 6.1 Gregory House 6.2 Wiggen House 6.3 Keating House 7 Stannington Deer Park complex 7.1 Woodland House 7.2 Cliffe House 7.3 Parkside House 8 Hanover House 9 The Fosters (demolished) 10 Jordanthorpe complex 10.1 Chantrey House (demolished) 10.2 Ramsey House (demolished) 10.3 Rhodes House (demolished) 11 References Herdings Twin Towers complex[edit] Queen Anne Court (left) and Queen Elizabeth Court (right) in March 2011. The Herdings Twin Towers complex actually originally incl 자놀


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